Digital Marketing Service-Case Study

Organic Cosmetics

Organic Cosmetics is a beauty brand that is more of a natural movement of providing a safe range of products with the highest quality natural ingredients source


•  Increase Brand Awareness Through Paid Social Media

New Social Creative

The quality of your ad creative directly impacts a campaign’s CPM. Facebook doesn’t like text-heavy, boring ads. You need high-quality ad creative that fits Facebook’s best practices to improve your ad quality and thus CPM. After launching new video ads, we boosted ad engagement, increased CTRs, and improved ad efficiencies. The new video units also provided a venue for audience retention by capturing prospects that have viewed 50% or more of our ads.

5000 conversions


in 5 months (outbound click + click to call)

24% CPA decrease


for Prospecting campaigns in 5 months

35% CPA decrease


for retargeting campaigns in 5 months