Performance Marketing-Case Study

Anaa’s Baking Studio

Anaa’s Baking Studio is a boutique bakery and learning studio delivering French desserts from their cloud kitchen and baking courses from their chic studio.


  • Increase Brand Awareness Through Paid Marketing
  • Organic Youtube Growth

Campaign Consolidation

    Account-level consolidations have improved algorithm performance significantly, without sacrificing relevancy. For PPC, grouping by themes and intent has been pushed to the ad group level to allow the algorithm to find the most cost-effective conversions across geographies.

PPC Results

Achieved a 21% conversion
rate (CVR).

New campaign structure

Campaigns are now broken out by state and by keyword category. Within each campaign, ad groups are further segmented into subcategories based on keyword themes. Ad groups are also segmented by match type which allows us to funnel traffic to exact match keywords that tend to have higher quality scores and therefore lower CPCs.

Organic YouTube growth with SEO optimization for Anaa's Baking Studio in 3 months

Youtube growth


from 234 to 10,000 followers in 4 months

86% increase


in website traffic from new users

187% increase


in total site conversion in 6 months